An Organizational Philosophy

An Organizational Philosophy


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The 63 pages of An Organizational Philosophy is something all of us should read when thinking about an organization. With her innovative thinking and strong faith in the individual, Marianne Hamilton changed the view on managerial recruitment in a way that broke new ground.


Chairman of Ericsson, CEO of Atlas Copco 2009-2017

The book describes a unique, well-functioning process that Atlas Copco is proud of. Thanks to the internal labor market and its transparency, those who have the drive can take advantage of the many opportunities offered in different areas and countries. At Atlas Copco, you can make a career within the company.


President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group

An Organizational Philosophy shows really well how a clear and consistent approach to one single process step can truly shape the whole culture and long-term success of the company. I believe the decentralized approach has a lot of merit in today’s rapidly changing world - and that a deep dive into how that works would be another aspect of interest for many.


CEO of Aker Offshore Wind and member of the Board of Epiroc

This is a fascinating story of how Atlas Copco managed to unleash the drive and energy in the managerial workforce but also illustrates the challenges and the hard work involved in truly making an internal labor market work.


Professor and Head of Management and Organization, Stockholm School of Economics

Marianne Hamilton’s book is an insightful and valuable description of leadership and organizational development. Her strong belief in consistently recruiting on attitude and personality is spot on.


Chairman of Atlas Copco and SKF, former CEO of Electrolux.

Marianne Hamilton’s book An Organizational Philosophy is an excellent guide for business leaders looking to create a fair, transparent and efficient recruitment process. The open global job market is the cornerstone for a successful decentralized organization.


President and CEO of ABB

Descriptions of the actual workings of organizations are very important and regrettably often excluded by academe. Marianne Hamilton has provided a rich insider picture of the process of recruitment of a company over an extended period of time, and the impact that strategy had.


Ph.D., FTCD Emeritus, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Business School, University of Dublin, Ireland

The book is my trusted breakfast companion and provides wise and useful support for tough situations. It was invaluable for me when I took on my first General Manager position.


General Manager Berema AS

The content is down to earth, to the point, pragmatic and inspiring, and it provides excellent advice for young professionals in business – both women and men – and why not also for us who have been around a little longer.


Chief Operating Officer, Roschier Attorneys Ltd.

I hope this book is widely read! The author, Marianne, has done an excellent job describing how we create our own opportunities and influence our career path and that with perseverance we can reach the positions to which we aspire.


Professor of Strategy and Digitalization, Chalmers University of Technology

Our executives around the world – most of them men – have read and greatly value the book. It increased their understanding of the particular challenges faced by women and enables them to better coach their employees.


CEO Epiroc Group

Marianne Hamilton has written a book which is perfect in timing and relevant in content. I believe that this book can contribute to a real change.


Chairman of Electrolux

I really appreciate the pragmatic approach and believe that the Volvo Group can become even better by using its content.


CEO, Volvo Group

Marianne Hamilton’s book is written for women in the workplace, but I would urge men to read it, too. Alongside great advice for young people starting out in their careers, it reveals how organizations work and how we can manage them better — for the benefit of women, and men.


Chairman of the Board, ABB

Marianne inspires women to take charge of their own careers.


Founder X 2