The Author

Marianne Hamilton has extensive business experience. She was Atlas Copco’s Senior Vice President, Organizational Development and Management Resources, for sixteen years. She has also served on multiple boards. Her ground-breaking introduction of an internal global job market at Atlas Copco, shows that she has a visionary bent. And this was obvious as she turned her mind towards writing. She is today a professional author with two directions;

Management; with two books;

  • Advice to my dear daughter
  • An Organizational Philosophy

Marianne has solid experiences of the corporate world with its playing field. She understands the steering of the business towards lasting results to the benefit of the owner and the society.


  • “The barn”. Three women are meeting their mentor for two days. This changed their career path, and much more.
  • “The tree men”. The three men meet at Östersund Airport in the northern part of Sweden, as usual on August 24. For three days they will hunt grouse on the mountain with their two pointers. In the wild nature, total freedom awaits. The men only meet during their hunting trips, never in any other place. Maybe that's why the friendship gets so warm, and the conversations get extra depth and meaning?

Marianne understands how to create a story by just letting her fingers dans over the keyboard. The outcome is even a surprise to herself.